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There are tools for everything online. SEO is as a widely played sport, with many amateur and professional leagues as tennis, soccer or golf. Some are free, and most of those are better when you pay for the premium “full” version.  So, what can you do yourself? If you are the one writing content for your website, then you can do a lot. If you are outsourcing all of your writing, then you will have to do careful editing.

What are the search engines looking for?

Good content. Always good content… and many pundits will say over and over again, your best content.  This is like, Ina Garten’s recipes always asking for “good olive oil”.  What’s good enough?  She means perhaps the best you can afford?  In SEO Tips terms we mean, your own thoughts. Or the closest to it. No spun articles, no copied stuff from someone else. It’s ok to be inspired by other folks’ blog posts or articles. And it’s okay to curate content so long as you top and tail the piece with your own thoughts.  If you don’t have any…at least share an application.  Why is this particular point of view interesting or important?

      1.  Today, the search engines are looking for relevance and authority.  Why should anyone listen to your opinion, what are your credentials, and how can you be trusted? Your social signal now becomes a relevant factor. Because if other people are prepared to know you, then you must be a decent person.  And that also means, how much is your stuff shared.
      2. How much do you look out for your customer, and what do they say about you?  i.e. testimonials, and recommendations.  in the same way that we all rush to Facebook, and Instagram to rave about a new restaurant, film or experience, so too with businesses and professionals.  If you aren’t provoking testimonials naturally, you might ask for them.  And you might just want to spend a little time considering what you offer and how you could wow your customers even more so that that might want to rush to social media to tell someone about you.
      3. The vote of confidence.  With so many people online, the search engines need a point of differentiation. Who talks about you and how nicely they do so become like a vote of confidence for Google and other search engines.  They can be safe ranking you for your desired search term if generally people agree you’re good. It keeps their integrity intact too. You can imagine that, right? But it is also this factor of judgement that makes this game of SEO quite so difficult to play.

SEO Judgement of Value and Whose Opinion Counts The Most?

When the search engines… and in the United States, we are almost always talking about Google… there are a few factors that go into the judgement of whose site is more relevant and authoritative than others. The logic is clever, when you consider that all Google is trying to do is assess whose site is more relevant and useful for a certain keyword phrase.

  1.  Page Load Speed – if the thing takes 40 seconds to load, the searcher has lost patience and gone on to the next one on the list.  So, if your page speed is slow – you get a negative in the algorithm.   Consider using any of these 3 and work your way through the recommendations
    • http://tools.pingdom.com/
    • https://gtmetrix.com/
    • https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
  2. Bounce Rate – how long do people stay on your site? If they leave quickly, called a bounce, then your site would appear to not be terribly compelling, right? It’s a logical assumption. You can find this number in your Google Analytics account.  The higher the number the worse off your site is. If your bounce rate is 84%, it means that 84% of the people visiting your site clicked off without visiting a second page.  This may be what you want – all your visitors want is your address or phone number.  Usually, it is better if someone explores your site a bit more.  A big chance here is MOBILE SITES.
    1. because it’s not easy to click onto other pages from the menu bar, the tendency in 2016 is to make front pages longer.  Many sites will put everything on the front page or landing page so that the visitor doesn’t have to click further.  This should make bounce rate matter less.. in time.
    2. For now, add larger buttons to click in for more info, as an alternative to scrolling down.
  3. Moz.com is the best tool for checking your domain authority. Under their free tools section, check Open Site Explorer.

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