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In the old days, (i.e. the 1980s) it was “yes, even this coffee table is a convertible sofa bed…”  [Jennifer Convertibles] Now, computers are showing up in lots of new and wearable ways.  With mindfulness now influencing many consumer lifestyles, mood- and wellness-based metrics add aothger lear to wearable tech with these four new “wellness computers”.

Products either tackle on one key element of wellness (sun exposure, temperature) or  serve up a perceptive, all-around view of emotion and behavior.

New wristband Feel promises it can ‘hack happiness’. By tracking skin temperature, galvanic skin response and blood volume pulse, the band analyses stress levels and can offer up calming activities by app.

Described as a ‘wellness computer’, the Ōura smart ring tracks sleep quality and levels of activity, suggesting small, continuous improvements that it believes will add up to a more balanced lifestyle.

Caeden’s Sona bracelet sets out to increase focus and manage stress, tracking heart rate and its own Resonance metric, and providing meditation exercises.

L’Oréal’s stretchable, stick-on UV monitor uses photosensitive dye that changes color as skin is exposed to the sun, providing a simple visual cue. Made by MC10 and PCH, the sticker is thinner than a strand of hair and points to a future where mood, health and wearables go hand in hand.